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Interior Architecture/ Digital Design Fabrication Technology Holy Spirt Kaslik

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Master in Interior Architecture (D.E.S.), University of Holy Spirit USEK, (Kaslik, Lebanon) Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Interior Design, University of Holy Spirit USEK (Kaslik- Lebanon) Imad Hanna is a multi-talented designer. He graduated from the University of Holy Spirit USEK (Kaslik- Lebanon) as an Interior Designer. He accomplished his Master in Interior Architecture (D.E.S.) from USEK in 2008-2009 Mr. Hanna is a confident and competent Interior Architect with extensive experience working on a different range of projects from design to execution. Mr. Hanna is the cofounder of Vernissage a Digital Art Gallery Powerd by Polkadot, He established and advised on several crypto and NFT projects. Mr. Hanna Is an active member of the Blockchain and crypto community in Dubai, He organized several conferences related to Blockchain, NFTS and the Crypto space. Mr. Hanna is a Digital artist, He generated and minted his own NFT Art collection, and working on his ongoing NFT project that will be released soon. Mr. Hanna is an Associate member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) and Interior Design Education Council (IDEC).