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Rita Milan

BA +Teaching Diploma in English Literature Lebanese University

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Compassionate, creative, and effective teacher and teacher-leader with valuable experience in classroom administration, and professional development. Extensive experience in the education environment as a student-centric instructor, academic facilitator and instructional coach. Equally effective whether performing independently or as a member of a teaching team. Well versed in the technology of education, both classroom and online. I am interested in teaching online classes from the elementary to high school levels as advertised. Throughout my past 15 years of professional experience, I have undertaken various important responsibilities with utmost sincerity. I have conducted meetings with staff and parents. I was successful in maintaining the highest standards of Teaching and Learning and also innovative in keeping pace with future developments in education. I am very keen to make a real difference to the lives of my students, committed to safeguarding their welfare and expect all my department members to share this commitment. I acquired the following skills after completing my BA + Teaching Diploma: Classroom and Time Management Lesson and Curriculum Planning Ability to maintain good relationships with effective communication