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Category: Biology X

Rhea Doumit

6 Courses

Doctor of Pharmacy Saint Joseph University Beirut (USJ)


1 Course

Teaching Diploma in Sciences American University of Science & Technology
I am a certified instructor of science and biology. I have a working experience of 11 years. I teach American and Lebanese program. I also give private tutoring in the above mentioned subjects.

Fatima Annan

7 Courses

BS in Biology/Masters in Environmental Biology and another in DNA Biotechnology BS from Lebanese University and MS from Lebanese University and MS from American Univeristy of Scien
I have been private tutoring since 2009, starting from my relatives to wide network of students. Also I used to teach my classmates.I have the ability to make students grasp the material... more

zainab Tarhini

1 Course

biology Faculty of Science - Lebanese university
My name is Zainab tarhini ,I am interested in applying for an intermediate /Secondary -level teaching position . As a 2006 graduate of Lebanese university, I have student teaching... more

Lina Khalaf

2 Courses

Biology Haigazian University
To learn Biology one must admire Biology, love to explore the nature and willing to dwell into the explorations of living things. This is what I have been doing for more than 25 years.... more

moslem khan

1 Course

Best Student Comilla Cambrian College
i am a students

ضحى محمود

1 Course

Medical laboratory science University of Jordan
Master degree in medical laboratory science, with excellent education ways you can ask me any thing in biology you don't know ?